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Epilogue: 17th ICSMGE - Alexandria Egypt

The 17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering was held in October 2009 in Alexandria, Egypt.  Members of TC 16 held planning meetings to discuss CPT'10 to be held in Huntington Beach - California from 09-11 May 2010 and ISC-4 to be held in Recife Brazil in Sept. 2012.

Professor Antonio Gens (2007 Rankine Lecturer), Paul Mayne (SOA-1 at 17th ICSMGE, Egypt 2009), and Prof. Fernando Schnaid (SOA-1 at 16th ICSMGE, Osaka, 2005) during the Ice-Breaker reception at the
Citadel in Alexandria, Egypt (Oct. 2009)

Professor Roger Frank (VP) and newly-elected ISSMGE President Jean-Louis Briaud at the 17th ICSMGE in Alexandria (October 2009)

Pyramids at Giza

TC 16 agenda for ICSMGE 2009.doc (43 kB)

Updated by Paul Mayne, 20/01/2010
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