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In-Situ Testing in Geomechanics (2010)
International Conference on Site Characterization

The successful international conference on geotechnical & geophysical site characterization was held at the Faculty of Engineering at University of Porto, Portugal on Sept. 19-22, 2004. Many lively & exciting technical presentations on in-situ test methods and geophysics were given, as well as social activities in the historic venue of Porto. These included a Welcome Reception at the Palacio, Casa da Musica, boat cruise on the Douro River, Seated Banquet with Fado & jazz, and a final program of "GeoMusic".

The program focussed on CPT, DMT, PMT, VST, SPT, CHT, DHT, SASW, GPR, EM, and novel & innovative approaches to field site exploration. Creative uses of in-situ testing to detail geostratigraphy, investigate ground variability, improved methods for interpretation of soil properties, applications to shallow & deep foundations, seismic ground hazards, geoenvironmental concerns, and more were covered. The ISC2 event drew 530 participants worldwide and followed the initial conference ISC-1 held in Atlanta in 1998.

"The Jammer" = Mike Jamiolkowski at ISC2

Jamming = Geomusic with Paul Mayne (bass), Jim Mitchell (sax), Nuno Cruz (guitar), Martin Fahey (mandolin), and Jean Nuyens (piano)

Rainer Massarsch & William Van Impe at ISC2

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