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In-Situ Testing in Geomechanics (2010)

Michele Jamiolkowski (1932-2023),
Emeritus Professor in Politecnico di Torino, Past President-of ISSMGE and worldwide recognized specialist of Geotechnical Engineering,
passed away on June 15.

He was one of the champions of the development and good use of in situ tests for the characterization of earth masses for analyses geotechnical structures, having marked the knowledge of this area with several relevant lessons and publications, which we highlight within the scope of our committee, the early address on “Evaluation of sand strength from CPT. In: International Symposium "Soil and Rock Investigations by in Situ Testing", IAEG, Paris, May 1983, the continuation on “The role of in situ testing in geotechnical engineering: thoughts about the future”, In: Conference on Recent Advancements in Site Investigation Practice, London, March 1995, and more recently the Sixth James K. Mitchell Lecture, on the “Role of In-Situ Testing in Geotechnical Characterization of Copper Tailings”, in Las Vegas, for the CPT´14, indelibly mark his presence in our community.


Farewell Mike, the engineer who saved the Leaning Tower of Pisa (as known in Italy)

(Past-chair of TC102 António)


Assist Video


Annual TC102 Meeting (Continuation) @ CPT`22

Wednesday, June 8, at 11 am (Bologna time).

In person or by Zoom.

Annual TC102 Meeting @ 20th ICSMGE

3 May 2022

5-6 pm Sydney time (AEST),meeting room C4.6 or Zoom



5th International Symposium on Cone Penetration Testing, CPT’22, to be held in Bologna, Italy, 8-10 June, 2022.



Annual TC102 Meeting
27 September 2021

@ 6th International Conference on Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterization (ISC’6)
Budapest, 26-30 September 2021


Convened @ 6.00 pm (CET) – in person and online (Zoom platform)

Meeting Minutes

The Ninth James K. Mitchell Lecture, by Prof. Fernando Schnaid:

"Geomechanics and Geocharacterization of Tailings"

The written version (final paper) is available in ISC'6 website


9th Mitchell Lecture - Full Paper




TC 102 

Ground Property Characterization from

Annual TC102 Meeting

(Friday, 22 June 2018)

CPT'18 International Symposium, Delft, NL, 21-22 June 2018

Programme available:






The 4th International Symposium on Cone Penetration Testing, CPT’18, is being held with success, here in Delft, and we would like to give a vote of thanks to Joek Peuchen and his colleagues for the great effort dedicated to this event, guaranteeing its continuation under TC102 support.


TC304 databases

Prof. Jianye Ching, Chair of TC304 (Engineering Practice of Risk Assessment & Management), has contacted TC102 to share the TC304 databases (304dB):

which include the following database categories:

1. CPT databases

2. Multivariate soil/rock property databases

3. Geospatial databases

The databases will expand in future to include a liquefaction database and a deep excavation database. This may serve as a possible basis for future collaboration between TC102 and TC304. He asked for thoughts about collaboration.


1st International Symposium on GeoTest Sites, NGI, Oslo, 12-14 June 2019

NGI has started to advertise the "Symposium on GeoTest Sites" that will be held on 12-14 June 2019 in Oslo. The information about the event can be found on the LinkedIn page of the International GeoTest Site Network at:



The symposium is organized as a part of the NGTS project by NGI & partners (Chair: Jean-Sebastien L'Heureux, Co-Chair: Tom Lunne) and is supported by TC 102. The symposium aims to present detailed characterization of a wide range of natural soils used for benchmarking in geotechnical engineering, and to promote an increase use of the benchmark sites as a research tool, as training and teaching facilities and as ground for development of new soil models, testing of new investigation methods and further advance the state-of-the-art.


ISC’6, 6th International Site Characterization Conference
Budapest Congress Center, 7-11 Sept.2020 


The chairman will be Dr. András Mahler, President of the ISSMGE Hungarian National Committee and professor in BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), who will present the news on the preliminary program in advanced state.

The possibility of accepting the proposal of the International Committee on Pressuremeter (ICP – http://icp-pressuremeter.com/) to integrate of ISP’8 (8th International Sypmposium on Pressuremeter) is now most probable due to several advantages that will be discussed in the TC102 meeting in Delft.

An important issue to follow-up in the next months will be the next prized colleague for James K. Mitchell lecturer, to be presented in ISC’6.



1st edition of Silvano Marchetti Award (SMA)

This award in memory of Professor Silvano Marchetti (1943-2016) has been agreed in the last meeting in Sept. 2017, on the occasion of the 19th ICSMGE, to be organized by TC102 in collaboration with the University of L’Aquila (UNIVAQ), Italy, and the Studio Prof. Marchetti (SPM), Italy, that will entirely fund the prizing. The award will be assigned by a Board constituted by a TC102 nominated person, a representative of UNIVAQ and a representative of SPM. The aim of the award is to encourage scientific publications focusing on in-situ testing and its application to geotechnical engineering design. The award will be assigned to a selected paper submitted to the ISC’6 Budapest 2020, that must provide some content concerning DMT/SDMT testing and meet the quality selection criteria (originality/innovation, clearness, adequacy of methodology, contribution to present knowledge, etc.) specified in the regulations that will be made available along with the ISC'6 Call for Abstracts. The award consists in a free registration to the ISC’6 conference and a free accommodation for the duration of the conference, offered to the author (or to one of the authors). The author(s) of the awarded paper will receive an official certificate of the award and deliver a presentation of the paper in a dedicated time-slot during the ISC’6 conference. The paper will be published in the ISC'6 conference proceedings with a specific mention to the award. The Board will select the awarded paper in due time before the ISC’6 conference, in accord with the time schedule established by the ISC'6 organizers (e.g. one month after the deadline for acceptance of the final papers).


Proposal to host CPT’22 in Bologna

Professor Mario Manassero (Vice-President for Europe of ISSMGE) contacted TC102 in view of the intention of the Italian Geotechnical Association (AGI) to organize the next edition (after Delft 2018) of the TC102 International Symposium on Cone Penetration Testing (CPT 2022). The organizing institution would be the University of Bologna (the oldest worldwide university) through prof. Guido Gottardi <guido.gottardi2@unibo.it> and the venue would probably be the modern ad advanced Conference Centre of Bologna Fiera. Moreover, the headquarter of Pagani Geotechnical Equipment, a leader factory of penetrometer probes and ISSMGE Corporate Member, is located within the Bologna region, which can help the sponsorship and delegate attraction. This proposal will be formalized in our meeting by Prof. Guido Gottardi.


Other subjects

Request for collaboration of one TC102 member from Prof. Ikuo Towhata, Chair of ISSMGE-PIC, Professional Image Committee
for the objective of: “how to tell clients that they can avoid geo-risk by allocating more budget and time on field investigation”.

For that Prof. Towhata asks to “recommend a suitable member of TC102 who works together with PIC by collecting successful examples of field investigation or troubles caused by insufficient field investigation (geo-risk), aiming to avoid geo-risk by allocating more budget and time on field investigation”. We certainly will need a person who knows well about the practical aspects of geotechnical projects.

This subject of how to deal with the uncertainty of earth material properties to the risk assessment and the definition of the site investigations, specifically by in situ tests and, consequently, the design solutions to be adopted be the practitioner, is definitely a subject to follow in TC102 activities.

The possibility to organize a specific session and propose a keynote lecture in ISC’2020 on this field can be a good step beyond. Joek Peuchen has informed that GBA has materials on this topic (https://www.geoprofessional.org/) and we also may have some information from John Powell on how this has been dealt with in (international) standards (and guidance) for in-situ testing; perhaps John Powell can provide an overview before the TC102 meeting and whether this should be a discussion point at the meeting itself. Some national initiatives can be identified; http://www.geoimpuls.org/  andhttps://www.geoinstitute.org/sites/default/files/2018-02/Jul-Aug-2014.pdf



On behalf of ISSMGE-TC102

António Viana da Fonseca (chair)



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