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A new autoseis for generating shear wave velocities has been developed by GT In-Situ Research Group and filed for patent. The device is a small portable yet powerful unit that provides a quick repeatable transient shear wavelet that is useful for seismic cone and seismic flat dilatometer soundings, as well as conventional downhole tests in boreholes. The autoseis is electrically powered (both 110- and 240-volt systems) and can operate off the cone truck, an AC power line, battery, or the cigarette lighter (that you can now find use for).

Easy to setup by one individual, the device provides either a consistent set of left- (or right-) strikes at selected test depths. A freeware downloadable program (SHEARPRO 1.4) is offered to cross-correlate the results and produce fast & reliable interpretations of successful shear wave velocities with depth. Else cross-correlation can be done using a subroutine within MatLab or other post-processing software. Either way, field testing time and post-processing time are reduced considerably for DHT, SCPTu, and SDMT, as compared with the original field procedures (paired left- and right-strikes) and superimposed wavelets and single-point reliance method called "first crossover".

The AutoRotoSeis is now available commercially from Finite Precision of Georgia. A remote control offers the field operator to generate shear waves at his/her command.

Three GT-design AutoRotoSeis Units

FP-design AutoRotoSeis Unit

Comparison of ShearPro results by cross-correlation with MatLab and traditional visual picks using crossover

Finite Design AUTOSEIS.doc (1 082 kB)

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