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In-Situ Testing in Geomechanics (2010)


GeoMEast 2017

Lecture in Honor of Prof. Silvano Marchetti


Sharm El-Sheikh, 17 July 2017


Professor Ken Been

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Ken Been on 13 June 2017. After graduating with a B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Cape Town, Ken went on to become a Rhodes Scholar, attaining a PhD from the University of Oxford in 1980. He worked for Golder in Canada, Germany, the UK, Houston, and Atlantic Canada before officially retiring to the west coast of Canada (Vancouver Island) where he continued to work as a Senior Consultant with Golder's geotechnical group in Vancouver.

Among other relevant publications, a lot of them on In Situ Testing, namely on the interpretation under critical state approach, in 2006, Mike Jefferies and Ken Been published a state-of-the-art book Soil Liquefaction: A Critical State Approach that is a recognized standard for civil engineers developing solutions for areas of the world subject to seismic activity. His most recent paper was an invited keynote address in ISC’5, TC102 + AGS organization in Gold Coast, September last year, entitled "Characterizing Mine Tailings for Geotechnical Design". In this work Ken summarized much of his technical contributions. It was published in Australian Geomechanics Volume 51 in December 2016.



Professor David Francis Tyrie Nash

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of David Nash, professor in University of Bristol and relevant researcher in geotechnical engineering. He was well know by his very gentle personality was an inspiration to many young researchers specially those who work on the behaviour of sensitive soils, for what he always defended a thorough use of high quality sampling techniques for advanced lab testing. His publications were very instructive and revealed how well informed he was and passionate about soli mechanics.

From their works, the one published in Géotechnique in 1992 “Initial investigations of the soft clay test site at Bothkennar”, D. F. T. Nash, J. J. M. Powell and I. M. Lloyd, started a series of very fruitful tests and subsquent analyses of the soft silty clay at Bothkennar, giving the start-up for very promising findings from a wide range of in situ tests and laboratory investigations.

Starting in the very beginning of this century and more recently intensified, he helped many in capitalizing the potentialities of the use of Shear Waves Velocities in lab (by recurring to Bender Elements) in the assessment of sample disturbance. This allowed for a dissemination of this approach in that good practices of ground characterization by determining reliable parameters for geotechnical modelling.

He was an eclectic personality and he could be defined as in the UoB website:


About David Francis Tyrie:

Dad - Musician - Friend - Sailor - Teacher - Engineer - Grandad

Thank you David, my friend, for your gentleness and nobility,

António (Viana da Fonseca)



Prof Silvano Marchetti Memorial Session on In-Situ Testing


20 September 2017, afternoon


Michelle Jamiolkowski, Paul W. Mayne, Peter K. Robertson, Fernando Schnaid, Roger Failmezger, Paola Monaco, Diego Marchetti

The invited lecturers have a wide experience with the DMT, as well as a longtime cooperation and friendship with Prof. Silvano Marchetti. Distinctive contributions on how DMT can provide in a routine site investigation information on stress history and working strain soil stiffness (load-displacement test) will be given. In the SDMT the additional measurement of the shear wave velocity Vs provides information also on small strain stiffness. Current trends and ongoing developments of DMT/SDMT research and practice include: application of a multi-parameter/multi-test approach, combining DMT/SDMT and other in situ tests (mostly CPT/CPTU); deriving in situ stiffness decay curves from SDMT; interpretation in "non-textbook" soil; liquefaction assessment based on DMT/SDMT; equipment upgrade (e.g. nearshore/seafloor test setup).

4rd Annual Meeting of ISSMGE TC102

AGENDA (Room and time to be announced)

  1. News: recent past events and future collaborations of TC102 in near future events:

    CPT’18 in Delft, Netherlands; ISC’6, 2020, in Budapest, Hungary

  2. TC102 election of the chair for the new mandate: 2019-2023.
  3. Other subjects

TC 102 Honour Lecture in 19ISSMGE

the 8th JK Mitchell lecture, delivered by John Powell



On behalf of ISSMGE-TC102,

António Viana da Fonseca (chair)


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