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TC 102
Ground Property Characterization from

(Program of activities 18, 19, 20 September)

Monday, 18 September, 2017

TC 102 Honour Lecture in 19ICSMGE       

the 8th JK Mitchell lecture, delivered by John Powell

In-situ Testing –
Ensuring Quality in equipment, operation and Interpretation, can we?

Tuesday, 19 September, 2017

4rd Annual Meeting of ISSMGE TC102

(Lunch-time 12:50-14:00 Room 203A)


  1. News: recent past events and future collaborations of TC102 in future events
    • The next CPT’18 in Delft, Netherlands (Dr Federico Pisanò)
    • Our conference: ISC’6, 2020, in Budapest, Hungary (Dr. András Mahler) outline:

      -   Short introduction of the venue.

      -   Short introduction of the four LOC members.

      -    Structure of the organizing committees, roles, responsibilities

      o   LOC “core” committee

      o   Local Advisory Committee (9 Hungarian members)

      o   International Advisory Committee: not decided yet, our intention is to present a “not full list”.

      o   A group of people who could help in reviewing

    • Schedule, milestones

      o   ICSMGE2017 first flyer (date, venue, contact information)

      o   The first announcement: CPT’18, finalized the topics, main theme, committees

      o   The second announcement 2019 ISSMGE conferences. Additional information:  Keynote lectures, Mitchell lecture, registration  etc.

      o   The finalization of the program and third announcement is scheduled to 2020 April-    Role of TC102 board. What are the things that are proposed or must be approved by the TC

      o   Keynotes, Mitchell lecture

      o   Short courses

    • Others in perspective: Regional conferences, GeoMEast2019


  2. TC102 election process of the chair for the new mandate: 2018-2022.


  3. What can we do next differently?

Wednesday, 20 September, 2017

Two Technical Sessions organized by TC102

Session 1: 09:00~10:30
Room: Grand Ballroom, First Floor: 103)                                                                    
Chair: A. Viana da Fonseca, U Porto; Co-Chair: In seong Jang, KMO University),

  • Report of the 32 papers by Paola Monaco, U. L’Aquila, Italy, followed by oral presentation of 6 papers

Session 2: 11:00~12:30
Room: Grand Ballroom, First Floor: 103)                                                                    
Chair: An-Bin Huang, Nat. Chiao Tung Univ.; Co-Chair: Jong-Sub Lee, Korea Univ.)

  • Oral presentation of 9 papers and room discussion.

Poster session will be undergoing from 9:00 to 12:30


15:30~17:00 (Room: Hall E, 3rd Floor: E5)

Prof Silvano Marchetti Memorial Session on In-Situ Testing


20 September 2017, afternoon


Michelle Jamiolkowski, Paul W. Mayne, Peter K. Robertson, Fernando Schnaid, Roger Failmezger, Paola Monaco, Diego Marchetti

The invited lecturers have a wide experience with the DMT, as well as a longtime cooperation and friendship with Prof. Silvano Marchetti. Distinctive contributions on how DMT can provide in a routine site investigation information on stress history and working strain soil stiffness (load-displacement test) will be given. In the SDMT the additional measurement of the shear wave velocity Vs provides information also on small strain stiffness. Current trends and ongoing developments of DMT/SDMT research and practice include: application of a multi-parameter/multi-test approach, combining DMT/SDMT and other in situ tests (mostly CPT/CPTU); deriving in situ stiffness decay curves from SDMT; interpretation in "non-textbook" soil; liquefaction assessment based on DMT/SDMT; equipment upgrade (e.g. nearshore/seafloor test setup).


On behalf of ISSMGE-TC102,

António Viana da Fonseca (chair)


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