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Succeed With Your Projects

The Webforum project management tools support you through the
entire project. From planning and execution to follow-up.

To succeed with your projects you also need to collaborate,
communicate, and share information with others.

We’ve made it easy for you. We’ve added all ingredients to
the same service.

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New functions in the Webforum service 


Webforum 14.4 is now released. The new version includes many new features,
including web forms for issues and serial review and approval workflows  for documents. Read more »

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Why Webforum?
      Webforum Professional
Start working directly, no need to install hardware or software.
No start-up costs.
No need to think about server operation and maintenance.
Pay per user per month.
Rent only what you need.
Phone: +46 8 527 400 80
+46 8 527 400 80

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United Kingdom & Ireland Office
Phone: 44 (0) 845 1 547 247
Head Office - Sweden
Phone: +46 8 527 400 70+46 8 527 400 70
In addition to Webforum’s two standard products Webforum Teamwork and Webforum Project we now also offer Webforum Professional – a tailor made service for customers who require higher security, advanced document management, or integration with other systems.

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