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The Project

The overall aim of the RENERGY PROJECT is to create a transnational multi-stakeholder platform for sharing visions of sustainable energy systems in cities of the Baltic Sea Region.

The project objectives
  • To share experiences and best practices in development of energy efficient solutions in cities in Sweden, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.
  • To discuss on-going projects on mitigation of climate change, building new climate neutral urban districts, renovation and increase of energy efficiency of old housing.
  • To share creative approaches, methods and tools for participatory process of building up future sustainability scenarios.
  • To share visions and sustainability principles for future energy systems in participating cities taking into account terms of references related to environment, economic development, social inclusion, resilience, safety, security, continuity and flexibility.
  • To share approaches for involvement of stakeholders in building up future visions of sustainable energy system in cities.
  • To share models and best practices in academia-local authorities-business cooperation focused on efficient energy solutions.
  • To discuss recent technology development for renewable energy and smart energy production/distribution systems.
  • To discuss business models for facilitation of development and implementation of energy efficient technologies.
  • To share experiences on teaching of students in scenario methods for energy planning.
  • To pilot use of participatory backcasting for sustainable heating/cooling system in Ukrainian cities – RENERGY participants by year 2030.
  • To develop strategy for RENERGY NETWORK as a platform for international cooperation aimed at joint research, education, innovation and capacity building for sustainable energy systems in cities of the Baltic Sea Region.
  • To ensure visibility of RENERGY and to disseminate the project outcomes through the network website, newsletters, creative workshops with stakeholders, seminars and international conferences.

For more information contact Olga Kordas

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ReNERGY: Shared visions of sustainable energy systems in cities of the Baltic Sea Region
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