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CEDEX - Centre for Study and Experiments for Public Works, Laboratorio de Geotecnica


The Laboratorio de Geotecnia created in 1944 forms part of CEDEX, an autonomous organization founded in 1957 that is nowadays attached to the Ministry of Fomento from the hierarchic point of view and to the Ministries of Fomento and Environment functionally in the spheres of their respective scopes. The Laboratorio de Geotecnia is a research centre specialized in foundations, earth structures, soil and rock mechanics and, in general, all the Civil Engineering activities concerning the ground aspects.

Its field of activities comprises laboratory tests of soils and rocks, in situ tests, earth work monitoring, geophysical techniques, geo-environment studies, analysis of soil-structure interaction and soil and rock dynamics. R&D currently represents 70% of Laboratorio de Geotecnia activities.

In 2001: employing 75 (Laboratorio de Geotecnica), annual turnover: 3 MEuro.

Director: Dr. Vicente Cuéllar

Updated by Frank PH Engering, 16/04/2015
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