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NGI - Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) is an international centre for research and consulting within the engineering geosciences. NGI develops optimum solutions for society, and offers expertise on the behaviour of soil, rock and snow and their interaction with the natural and built environment.

NGI carries out projects world-wide for a variety of clients. We are engaged by private industry, authorities and governmental bodies, and work within the following market sectors: Building, construction and transportation - Offshore energy - Natural hazards - Environmental engineering. 

NGI is the largest centre for geoscientific expertise in Norway. We also work in close cooperation with national and international companies and scientific organizations. NGI's personnel strive to actively contribute to innovation and cost-effective solutions through industrial research and development projects, and participation in international committees and expert panels.

NGI's ability to combine top competence from different specialities within the geosciences enables us to supply a wide range of services. NGI's competence and experience from challenging projects, in conjunction with the latest development in construction methods and equipment, give us a unique basis to provide our clients with pioneering and optimal solutions.

NGI was established in 1950 and is now a private foundation with office and laboratory facilities in Oslo, a branch office in Trondheim (Mid-Norway) and daughter companies in Houston, Texas, USA (NGI Houston), and in Perth, Western Australia (NGI Perth). NGI was awarded Centre of Excellence status in 2002 and led the International Centre for Geohazards (ICG), funded by The Research Council of Norway in the period 2003-2012. In 2015 NGI employs 225 professionals and annually hosts 20-30 guest researchers.

Managing director: Dr. Lars Andresen

A pioneering achievement from NGI has been the development of bucket foundations and suction anchors for offshore structures, such as for the Borkum wind turbines in 2014 (left). Also, NGI’s contribution to the understanding and handling of challenges related to highly sensitive soft clay is recognized world wide. To the right is a picture from the quick clay slide in Namsos (Mid-Norway) in March 2009

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