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LNEC: Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil     

The Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil – LNEC, established in November 1946, is a public Science and Technology institution, which is subject to Government supervision through the
Ministry of Public Works, Transports and Communications. Its competences, as refers to the definition of strategic guidelines, are performed in articulation with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

Its activity is developed in the various fields of civil engineering and like areas and its main assignments are the execution, supervision and promotion of the scientific research and technologic development

necessary for achieving progress, innovation and good practice in civil engineering. The institution is also responsible for providing both an unbiased and a suitable scientific and technical support to the executive power, in its governing and regulatory activities.

The Geotechnique Department is one of LNEC department units and presently it has 50 staff elements. It was officially established in 1961, with the designation of Geotechnique Service. The Geotechnique Department assignments are mainly focused on building foundations, bridges, reservoirs, silos, towers and other civil engineering works; embankment dams, rockfill and tailings dams and their foundations; slopes and support works, including buried pipes, infra-structural fills and their foundations; solid waste fills.

The activity of the Department is carried out in the fields as follows:

  • Studies of characterization of geomaterials, embankment dams, evaluation of the behaviour of road and railway embankments, supported by mathematical modelling and management of geotechnical hazards;
  • Behaviour, pathology, rehabilitation and strengthening of foundations; slopes and soil support works and execution of load tests on piles and anchorages;
  • Engineering geology, geophysical survey and environmental Geotechnique;
  • Behaviour, observation and safety of tunnels, pathology and application of maintenance, rehabilitation and strengthening techniques, as well as soil strengthening and improvement techniques.

The activity is broken down into planned research projects, studies under contract and other scientific and technical activities, and is supported by various laboratories, equipment and numerical models available at the Department.

Representative at ELGIP from LNEC: Dra. Laura Caldeira

Representative at YELGIP from LNEC: Ricardo Santos

Updated by Frank PH Engering, 16/04/2015
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