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ELGIP Partners
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Warsaw Geotechnical Laboratories Group is the united organization

of two large National Research Institutes: 

Building Research Institute (ITB), www.itb.pl,

Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute (PGI-PIB), www.pgi.gov.p


Building Research Institute

The basic aim of research and development works carried out in ITB is to ensure the quality of the Polish building industry. Since the 1st May 2004, Building Research Institute is a Notified Body to the European Commission and to other Member States of the European Union under the number 1488, designated for the tasks concerning the assessment of building products’ conformity, according to the requirements of Directive 89/106/EEC. Institute actively participates in building research activity on the international arena, among others by contributions to the work of many technical committees, commissions and working groups within international scientific (CIB, FIB, CICIND, ASSMR, EGOLF, ENBRI) and standardization (ISO, CEN) organizations, as well as those for the assessment of building materials (UEAtc, EOTA, WFTAO). Since 1967, the Scientific Council of the Institute is authorized to confer doctoral degrees in technical sciences in the field of building engineering. 

Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute

The Polish Geological Institute is the largest scientific and research geological institution of Poland. It was founded by the Polish Parliament in May 1919, just half a year after the Act of Independence. It is also one of the oldest scientific institutes in Poland. The PGI manages multi-disciplinary scientific research on the geological structure of Poland in order to use the knowledge for purposes of domestic economy and environmental protection. Besides scientific research in all fields of modern geology, the Institute fulfils the role of a geological and hydrogeological survey of Poland, securing economic stability to the country in areas of both mineral and groundwater resources management, and environmental monitoring.. In February 2009 PGI was awarded the status of a National Research Institute by way of a resolution of the Council of Ministers. The Polish Geological Institute is the major institution which prepares and issues geological maps, both survey and thematic maps, including hydrogeological, engineering geological, geochemical and mineral resources maps. The Polish Geological Institute, on behalf of the State Treasury of Poland, collects and stores geological data from all over the country. Digital databases, archives and core stores contain millions of information items, maps, aerial and satellite images. The Institute cooperates with geological institutions in 30 countries and participates in European Union framework programmes, as well as in the Leonardo da Vinci, INTERREG and PHARE programmes. The Institute is also a member of international organization of geological surveys - EuroGeoSurveys. The Centre of Excellence - Research on Abiotic Environment (REA) - integrates the Institute's activity with the European Scientific Area.




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