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2nd YELGIP Workshop
Innovative Geo-Monitoring

20-21 November 2007

IFSTTAR, Paris, France

On November 20th and 21th, 2007, YELGIP organised its second research-industry workshop on 'Innovative Geo-Monitoring' in Paris, at IFSTTAR (France).

One of the objectives of this workshop was to define the main lines of future research in the field of Geo-Monitoring and to launch active working groups on the so-defined topics. After a "State of the art" day, including high level and very relevant keynote lectures and case-histories presentations, the group participated to a large discussion in order to define the trends of tomorrow research.

After a memorable social event in the evening, three working groups immediately began the job during the second day. The titles of the groups are :

Group 1 - Using Geo-monitoring in order to reduce security factors
Group 2 - Building a “demonstrator” in order to evaluate the adequacy between sensors and applications
Group 3 - Establishing guidelines in Geo-monitoring

You can find more details on the content of the groups objectives and future activities in the complete report of the Workshop. A summary report is also available.

If you are interested in participating in this groups works, feel free to ask the group leaders (email adresses in the complete report of the Workshop).

Summary Report 2nd YELGIP Workshop.pdf (190 kB)

Complete Report 2nd YELGIP Workshop.pdf (414 kB)

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