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Research fora Collective Benefit

Contractors, architects, engineering firms, controlling organisations and other profes­sionals, all have to cooperate and share re­sponsibilities in selecting materials, products and techniques allowing them to very often realize a ‘unique’ building. So, it is vital that the industry gathers as a collective in order to share information on technological innova­tion, to generate new ideas and to find efficient solutions. This was already well understood in Belgium in 1959 when the BBRI was created on the initiative of the Federation of Contrac­tors with the aim to improve the ‘Quality and Competitiveness’ of the sector as a whole.

The Belgian Building Research Institute


Research, Information & Technical Assistance at the service of the Belgian Building Contractors




Research And Innovation: Better, Faster, Cheaper

New legislation, increased requirements from clients and more stringent budget and time constraints just keep on driving the need for further research and updated information. In order to introduce new innovative forward-thinking approaches in the field of modern construction, Technical Committees – bringing together building professionals and ex­perts with daily on-site experience – fix the research priorities of the institute and steer the research programmes. Participation in international networks such as CIB, RILEM, ENBRI, ECCREDI, INIVE further assures high-level collaborations and access to the worldwide state of the art and know-how.

Dissemination of Information and Technical Support

The statutory contributing members of the BBRI are the more than 85,000 Belgian Con­tractors: general contractors, carpenters, glaziers, plumbers, roofers, floorers, plasterers, painters, etc., most of which are SMEs. The BBRI provides them with information, technical advice and innovation support. All this is based on solid scientific and technical research. Research results are rapidly collated in the ‘BBRI Technical Recommendations’ in order to underpin the implementation of best practices. More general information is published in the BBRI quarterly magazine ‘CSTC-Contact’ to flag up new and cutting-edge developments. The engineers of the BBRI have a more direct personal contact with the contractors and are also standby every day to help them solving technical problems on site. 

Development, StandardizationTechnical Approvals and Certification

As a leading testing station, the BBRI is not only at the service of its members but also at the service of other construction professionals on a contractual basis in order to help developing materials and innovative systems. In particular, the BBRI can assist third parties with a wide variety of activities ranging from geotechnical advice and concrete technology, to material testing and the monitoring of structu-res over thermal and acoustic evaluation of systems and structures and the implementation of information tech­nologies. Within this wide framework, the BBRI is also active in the field of standardization at Belgian level, as well as at the European and international levels respectively through NBN, CEN and ISO. Also within the Belgian Union for Technical Approval in Construction (BUtgb), the BBRI plays a promi­nent role. The BBRI is therefore well placed to assist companies in their attempts to introduce innovations on the market.

Updated by Frank PH Engering, 24/10/2016
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