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What is YELGIP ?YELGIP is about enthusiastic young people, who perform most YELGIP activities next to an already challenging PhD study and/or job at a leading geotechnical institute. Therefore YELGIP's organisation is tailored to get the most out of the network.

Since all YELGIP members are scattered across the EU member states, it's a challenge to keep the network together. YELGIP addresses the challenge by being project-oriented. Working together on different projects (e.g. organising external workshops) strengthens the network.

Number of meetings
YELGIP normally meets twice a year at one of the member institutes. The meetings are informal and targeted at steering current projects and/or workshops or starting new activities. 

YELGIP's chairman and primary contact
YELGIP current Presidents and primary contacts are Cristina de Santiago Buey (CEDEX) and Isabel Wagner (Technical University Darmstadt)

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