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YELGIP: a network of Young Professionals in ELGIP

YELGIP is a network of young geotechnical engineers from all ELGIP member institutes and their respective EU member states.

YELGIP's goals
YELGIP's activities will be focused on, but not limited to, young professionals in geotechnical engineering. The members of YELGIP have defined the goals for this collaboration as follows:
  • To strengthen the European network by facilitating the exchange of people between ELGIP member institutes as well as third parties;
  • To facilitate the exchange of geotechnical ideas or knowledge between ELGIP member institutes as well as third parties;
  • To search for common research interests or goals between ELGIP member institutes as well as third parties, and aid in the realization of those goals.
In order to reach these goals, YELGIP regurlarly organises external workshops on a specific theme.

Since 2002, the large European geotechnical institutes are united in ELGIP, the European Large Geotechnical Institutes Platform. ELGIP initiates EU projects, common research programmes and the exchange of researchers. One of the driving forces behind a successful co-operation between ELGIP members is true understanding of each other's (research) culture and scientific possibilities.

To stimulate the development of this mutual understanding, and to strengthen the European network both at present and in the future, a Young Professional's network has been formed. Since January 2005 this network has been officially acknowledged and functions under the name "YELGIP" or "Young ELGIP".

You want to contact YELGIP ?
YELGIP current President : Cristina de Santiago Buey (CEDEX) and Isabel Wagner (Technical University Darmstadt)

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YELGIP Organisation
YELGIP Activities
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