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Czech Technical University in Prague


The department of Geotechnics of CTU Prague is one of the leading Czech research and training institutions involved in geotechnics. It provides students with the fundamentals necessary on mechanical and physical properties of soils and rocks, on model relations between stress and strain, on foundations of constructions and underground structures and on modern methods of designing and estimating all types of geotechnical structures. More and more attention is also given to environmental considerations, specifically in courses on geotechnics and the environment, and wastes and landfills.

Due to the wide range of its interests, the department maintains extensive contacts with the practical domain. The staff takes part in geological surveys, geotechnical data collection, and geotechnical structures design, construction and monitoring. The department members cooperate in the erection of foundations of nuclear power plants, high-rise buildings with deep basements in town built-in areas, earth dams, sludge beds, superstructure of roadways and railways, overlaying clay dumps, industrial and community waste dumps, the underground, transport tunnels, galleries, pipe tunnels, underground power plants, gas tanks, storages of underground waste, including radioactive waste. They are likewise involved in conservation of historical monuments, such as sanitation of foundations of castles and chateaus, moving of a church, etc.

The research activities of the department centre around optimization and testing of structural designs and monitoring of the response of the environment to the construction and operation of demanding geotechnical structures. Further, it revolves around geotechnical and ecological constructions.

Head of Department : Doc. Ing. Josef Jettmar
ELGIP board member : Prof.Ing. Ivan Vanicek

Updated by Frank PH Engering, 16/04/2015
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