13. Dezember 2012
Race Report Ironman Western Australia
It's always easier to write about good races than about bad ones. But here it finally is, my race report of last Sunday's Ironman Western Australia:

On race day I woke up at 2:54am, 6 minutes before my alarm. An hour later I entered the transition area and prepared my bike for the long day ahead. My homestay family took some photos before race start and then I went to the swim start. The pro athletes were introduced and they made the last minute change that we had to start from the beach whereas the age groupers still got a deep water start (event organiser’s explanation: a beach start makes for better pictures).

Shortly after, at 5:30am, we went off. It was a windy morning and the ocean was quite choppy. The farther we swam away from the beach and towards the end of the jetty the bigger the rougher the conditions got and the swell got worse. I was swimming in a group with the race winner Britta Martin and the third place getter Rebecca Hoschke. Unfortunately I swallowed lots of salt water and felt sick after the turning buoys and had to let them go. 2 minutes behind those two girls I managed to get out of the water after I had been swimming breast stroke for the last meters. Never felt that bad during a swim before and was already really close to dropping out of the race. After the first 5minutes of this race I was already in a tough mental state and trying to get over lots of negative thoughts. I could immediately feel that it was just not my day. Every stroke seemed to use up more energy than usual and it got even worse when I got onto the bike. From the very beginning my hamstring didn’t feel alright and I just couldn’t push as hard as I did in Sweden. It felt like there was just no power in the tank. I couldn’t find my rhythm either and was fighting for every second right from the start. It felt like I was pushing really hard (and think I was) but couldn’t get the speed up. I rode very slow into the head wind and couldn’t get much advantage from the tail wind later. Still, I was fighting my negative thoughts in my mind. I am proud that I got through the bike leg without quitting as it was my hardest 180k ever. I had not gotten enough sunscreen and my skin got really sunburnt. I felt that while I was riding.

When I finally got to transition I had to sit down and felt really dizzy. I was not sure if I was able to stand up again and asked for lots of sunscreen. Then I finally got up from my chair and started walking out of the tent, took lots of water and ice and finally started running. Surprisingly I found into a good rhythm soon and it felt like I was cruising along, walking every aid station but feeling good. The next frustrtion came only a few kilometers later. I had not even finished my first out of 4 run laps and my old hamstring injury seemed to flare up again. I managed to run a few kilometers more but the pain got worse and worse and finally I had to slow down to a walk. Now the never ending part of my race started. I really wanted to cross that finish line and was determined to walk the last 26ks of the marathon. After what seemed like forever I really made it to the finish line and got my medal, towel and finisher shirt. Now I have even more respect for all those athletes who are out there on the course for the whole day, mentally it doesn’t get easier at a slower pace, only the days after the race are less painful because the muscles are not very sore.

Now I will spend some time off training at the Great Barrier Reef and then I will get back into training and will have some Aussie physios have a look at my hamstring. I think they are pretty good here and I'm sure they will fix my problems in no time! I'm already looking forward to Ironman Melbourne in March and all the training in Melbourne before the race :) More updates will follow soon :)

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